Some Frequently Asked Q's

about Rolex watches and SUBGMT. 

Rolex and Patek watches and buying and selling these online bring a lot of questions. Here some good and not so good questions we often get. If you have a question that needs to be in this section please let us know at:


A Rolex is a Rolex. Since 100 years a quality watch that is wanted by many people. Often a Rolex is the first thing people buy when they have a bit of money. Rolex the most recognizable watch brand in the world, very solid and with perfect quality, not so expensive wearing and maintaining it and the history proves that it has been a good investment so far. Rolex watches that costed €800 in the 1970s are now €10.000 (Submariner, GMT), some models did a bit better with €20.000 (Milgauss, Explorer II) and there are some excellers, like the Daytona (€50.000 plus). But financial gain should not be  the number one reason to buy a nice watch. It is nice to wear, you get a nice feeling everytime you look at it, and it is very nice to give away to your wife, girlfriend, both, neighbor, hair dresser or whoever. But to keep a long story short: ANY reason is a good reason to buy a nice watch! (Rolex). (from us ;-).