Some Frequently Asked Q's

about Rolex watches and SUBGMT. 

Rolex and Patek watches and buying and selling these online bring a lot of questions. Here some good and not so good questions we often get. If you have a question that needs to be in this section please let us know at:


Vintage Rolex is much nicer than all those thick modern ceramic Rolex watches that are on sale in the shop with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. And everyone already has. Vintage Rolex makes sounds, is unique, has a soul... However ... In recent years, there is more and more fiddling with vintage watches, and not just Rolex. Plates that are made like new, cases that are made thick again with "factory finish", fake bezels, fake cases, it does not stop. Actually there is only one advice: trust your instinct. If a 60 year old Sub looks like new, that is not possible. A Sub was bought in the 1960s to be used, by tough men who went into the sea with it, and those watches really do not look like new. Old is old, and that has to show. So fine to pay extra for a nice vintage watch - but try to see if it is real or not really old. And also look out for old watches with papers (the complete sets). In 90% of the cases these papers were added later. When in doubt: do not overtake, that also applies to Vintage Rolex!