Some Frequently Asked Q's

about Rolex watches and SUBGMT. 

Rolex and Patek watches and buying and selling these online bring a lot of questions. Here some good and not so good questions we often get. If you have a question that needs to be in this section please let us know at:


What is so special about steel Patek 5960?

At the end of 2018 Patek stopped the sale of their steel "annual calenders" 5960. To be more exact the 5960-1A-011 with white dial and red accents and the black dialed version, the 5960-1A-010 which has only been made a few months since its introduction at the Baselworld 2018. A lot of watch for relatively "decent" money, specially compared to its Nautilus brothers and sisters. Patek Philippe is well known for its complications, and this obe is such complicated watch: with day and date and month and power reserve and a chronograph. The white dialed 5960 wears very comfortably, and has in the August month of 2019 a value of around 40.000 euros, the black dial which only has been made a few months and in very few quantities is about 60.000 euros now - both with the potential to double in value in the next two years! We have sold a couple already...