Saturday 5 May at 17.00 Loosdrecht time the major of that lovely city selected a winner of the Klibansky drawing... And the winner is.... mr. Martijn Weijers! Martijn. Dag Met Een Lach will contact you asap, can you send me an email with the email you bought the ticket with in the mean time to arrange the pickup? ( €3.000 has been raised for @dagmeteenlach -fantastic news and thank you all for participating!!!


SUBGMT is sponsor of the Dag Met Een Lach Foundation (Day With A Smile) that mainly organises car events with sick children and their brothers and sisters. A very good cause! And these nice people can use some extra cash to make these events even larger and better. Hence this auction. SUBGMT raffles something special this year, in collaboration with the Klibansky family who donates half of this painting: the world famous BIG BANG, the angry gorilla who does not want to be at his own party, made by the one and only Dutch artist, JOSEPH KLIBANSKY. Only 150 will be made, in batches of 15 pieces. There is real 24K gold layed into this painting! Joseph signed the front and the back of this monkey, which has number 74. For only €20 you can have a real Klibansky at your wall, and in the mean time do some good. 

BUY YOUR €20 KLIBANSKY TICKET(S!) HERE and perhaps win this friendly monkey. 

Other SUBGMT raffles: a box of delicious and pretty dangerous CARAMOL en the  Passion Rolex book  made and issued by the lovely (and pregnant) Giorgia Mondani. 


Would you like to receive more information about us, this watch, the delivery or would you like to come and see it, please leave your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

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