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Rolex Yachtmaster 168622 B/P 2002

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Rolex Yachtmaster 168622 - the midsize (34mm) version of the "platina" steel jumbo Yachtmaster. This one is all complete with the boxes and booklets and tags and has been checked and polished just before this sale. Watch is like new! The YM has been sold initially in 2002 by a Dutch Rolex dealer - no name on the papers! In this size the watch could be worn by men, but most likely it will end around the wrist of your daughter (great 18 year birthday gift this year!) or wife (to make up for something) or girlfriend (to make up for something). And all this for €5.999 - which does not even buys you a complete Datejust anymore - and this is a sport Rolex! 


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