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Rolex GMT pepsi 16710 3186 B/P 2007


The most wanted sapphire Rolex these days (although the Kermit is getting close by): GMT Master II model 16710 with the 3186 movement (Z6XXXXX serial number) and "rectangular" dial. This GMT II with pepsi-insert is in very nice condition, thick lugs, bracelet perfect and comes with the boxes, tag and the guarantee card, issued in Zwitserland but no date or name has been stamped on the card yet. Perfect if you have a kid from 2007 ;-). Country code 10. 

Rolex GMT Master II model 16710 met the 3186 movement (Z9-serienummer) and "rectangular" dial. This unpolished GMT with pepsi insert is truly in excellent condition, only worn a few times and comes complete with the boxes and booklets and tags and guarantee card, stamped in 2007 by a Hong Kong Rolex dealer. No name has been filled in yet, this is perfect for your child born in 2007. As nice as this we seldomly encounter and with this movement a solid investment also.


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