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Rolex Explorer 1016 B/P NL 1967


Rolex Explorer 1016 with plexi glass. Dials and hands are extremely white BUT tritium and according the first owner this is the first and original dial. The only thing he changed was the plexi glass twice and he put a new bracelet on in/around 1988 and he serviced the watch a couple of times, the last movement service has been done in 2019. Case and lugs are pretty good still and the watch has been worn and that shows! But that is what vintage watches are meant for... Made in 1966 (serial 128XXXX) this watch has been sold in 1967 by Dutch Rolex dealer "Elka" and comes with the box and "sigarette card" and the 1967 guarantee papers. The chronometer certificate has been misplaced and one is looking for this paper but lets assume this will never be found. 


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