Some Frequently Asked Q's

about Rolex watches and SUBGMT. 

Rolex and Patek watches and buying and selling these online bring a lot of questions. Here some good and not so good questions we often get. If you have a question that needs to be in this section please let us know at:


Although the most asked question is "what is the  best price" there are actually some pretty smart questions to ask before you buy a (vintage) Rolex. A pre owned watch is not all about price...

For example:

- Is it new or used, and if the last: polished?
- Is the serial readable and not altered?
- Any idea how many owners did the watch have?
- Is the watch still complete with tags and booklets and box and papers?
- Do the case and bracelet have any damages?
- Is the service history know and when was the last service?
- Any documentation with that?
- Are all the parts original - specially the dial and hands?
- Does the watch keep good time? How much gaining or loosing?
- How do you rate the watch between 0 and 10?

SUBGMT tries to capture all these QandA into its description and pictures, and if for example service documentation is included, that will be mentioned in words or in pictures.