Patek Philippe

Patek is almost mythical! Many models can only be found in the store after standing on a waiting list for years and years (at Schaap & Citroen or Steltman here in Holland). There are many models available, even in (ladies) quartz. SUBGMT will mainly focus on the Nautilus and Aquanaut models. If there is a price stated with the watch it is still available, if it states SOLD the watch is gone already. But we can always source another one for you! 

Very populair (read most wanted) Patek watches are the Nautilus 3700, 5711 or 5712 (all in steel and or gold), the 5726 annual calendar (only steel) or the king of the throne the 5980 chrono, both in steel as in gold as in steel gold. The most pin het staal als goud als goudstaal. De populair Aquanaut models are the steel 5167 and 5164 Travel Time and the pink golden variations of these, plus the vintage Aquanauts like the 5066 or 5065. Here are our current Patek Philippe watches (with price) and the ones we have sold or arranged for our clients so far. 


Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Nautilus comes in different versions. In the 1970s it started with the 3700 Jumbo, that was really a big watch for that time. Then came the 3712 and 3710, with a size smaller the models 3800. The 3 series are later followed by the 5 series: the 5711 - the watch that now has so much to do, especially with blue dial. (which is strange because the Nautilus 5711 with white dial is made to a much lesser extent). The 5711 is also made in pink gold with both leather strap and full length band. The chronograph (model 5980) is a bit of the royal piece - made in the steel, gold steel and pink gold), and from 2019 this model is no longer made (which will definitely increase the prices).

Patek Philippe Aquanaut

With the Aquanaut, Patek wanted to make a slightly sportier watch, especially with rubber bands. The 5066 and 5065 were the first models, now it is the steel 5167 and the pink golden 5167R that makes people go crazy. Beautiful watches, suitable for every situation. The Travel Times are the slightly larger and more complicated models (5164 (R)) and there is also a beautiful white golden Aquanaut made from 2017: the 5168G. Dealers worldwide have waiting lists, with an emphasis on waiting. Because waiting lists lasts 5-10 years and the photos of the Pateks do so nicely on Instagram, the demand is many times larger than the offer, which does strange things with the price. Nevertheless, we have sold a few in recent times and we will do our best to get more so that you can also enjoy your own Patek. Below some examples ...

Patek Philippe maintanance

There are many horror stories about maintanance costs for Patek Philippe watches. And indeed a Patek watch service is more expensive than a Rolex service - here in Holland even monopolised. Only the Patek dealer can do a service. The big advantage is however that no one unauthorised can work on these watches, which means that all parts are genuine and dials that are supposed to be white are white and not changed into black. Everything is original - the nice thing about this service monopoly.