Some Frequently Asked Q's

about Rolex watches and SUBGMT. 

Rolex and Patek watches and buying and selling these online bring a lot of questions. Here some good and not so good questions we often get. If you have a question that needs to be in this section please let us know at:


The most asked question after "what is the best price". There are many aspects that tell you a Rolex is the real thing, but the best give away is the finishing/quality. If it is not perfect, it is not a Rolex (with some exceptions: for example that Pateted bracelet code or the spider web dials these are not perfect but even Rolex works with human people). If you buy a (vintage) Rolex on eBay that is half the price of the watches on Chrono24, that is a good give away something is wrong. If the person mails you back with 2 spelling errors in every sentence, that is also a warning sign. Most watches on Chrono24 are the real thing, it is wise to buy your watch at a place that is doing it for a while and also will be around next year. There is a great piece with a video also about fake Rolex watches at (USA).