Rolex GMT Master

Life was pretty simple in the 60s and 70s. There was Rolex and Patek. Left and right. Black and white. Porsche and Ferrari, Cola and Pepsi. Specially these last two were ideal for the Rolex GMT Master as changeble alu insert.  The GMT was a very divers and colorful watch until the ceramic GMTs were introduced. The GMT started as a tool watch with its dual time zone and compass function for the pilots of Pan Am - the first model was the 6542 with corwn protectie launced in 1954 gelanceerd (busy year for Rolex). Later the GMT was labeled as the plexi 1675(0) and with the extra fat lady 16760 came the sapphire glas. Around 1989 the 16710 was introduced - this watch is now really getting attraction from collectors (still pretty affordable compared to the 1675). In the mean time the GMT was also introduced in steel gold and gold. The 1675 with plexi glass is basically the nicest still affordable vintage Rolex now for sale, specially in the pepsi color red and blue. Here are some sold GMTs for your refference. When there is a price with a watch in this section, it is still for sale!

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