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Explorer 214270 MONDANI book 6 pages only one 2010

Often we have nice Rolex watches for sale and sometimes special ones. This is a VERY special one. This specific EX1 model 214270 is displayed and photographed in the Guido Mondani book about the Milgauss-Explorer and Yachtmasters. So the watch that you will be wearing (or keep in the safe) is the watch that is in 6 pages of the Mondani book! And there is only 1 of that watch. With a G08XXXX serial number this EX1 was sold at the end of 2010. Everything that is also in the book is delivered to you: the boxes, booklets and guarantee card. Obviously we will also deliver this watch with that specific Mondani book (if you do not already own it), which retails for 680 euros.


Would you like to receive more information about us, this watch, the delivery or would you like to come and see it, please leave your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

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