The Rolex Datejust comes in many forms and shapes. Often sees as the "starter" the DJ deserves a better title. Where the Subs and GMT come in a few models, the DJ list of possibilities is almost endless. Different sizes, dials, bezels, cases, bracelets etc make it really possible to make a very personal Datejust. A nice piece on this DJ has been written bij Hondinkee.

First released in 1945, the Datejust put Rolex on the map and after all this time the DJ is still a very pleasant watch, very nice to wear, very personal and cannot be missed in any watch collection. Our favorite is a plexi 1601 with white golden bezel, grey "slate" dial and shiny Jubilee bracelet Here are some nice examples of Datejusts, varying from gold to quartz to any color dial.

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